A-Level Film Studies

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Why choose Film Studies at Carmel? A Level Film Studies offers students the opportunity to develop and apply a range of high-level skills, via the following: Critical analysis and interpretation of films, developing and communicating a range of sophisticated points of view Evaluation of films from a range of perspectives Synthesis of knowledge Practical application of knowledge in coursework Technical skills and knowledge What will this course involve? The new specification for Film Studies offers students a number of exciting innovations. Students will be offered an in-depth and rigorous course of study, which requires them to develop knowledge and understanding of: A diverse range of film, including documentary, film from the Silent Era, experimental film and short film Film practices from a historical, national and global context Films' relationships with social, political, cultural, historical and technological contexts How films generate meanings and responses Film as an 'art' form The concept of 'spectatorship' Relevant theories of film consumption and production The course will also offer students the opportunity to complete coursework through pursuing either a filmmaking or a screenwriting option. Films studied will be selected from a choice offered by the exam board, but will all be classed as "critically recognised, culturally and historically significant" - winners and nominated films at major awards (Oscars, BAFTAs) and major film festivals (Cannes, Berlin, Venice and Sundance), critically celebrated by the academy of film scholars in the BFI's and AFI's ten yearly polls. The course will provide a rigorous grounding in the techniques of film constructioncinematography, mise-en-scene, editing and sound. It will also cover the overarching concepts of genre, narrative, representation and ideology.

Course information

Name: A-Level Film Studies Qualification title: GCE AS Level in Film Studies Qualification type: Assessment Assessment by examination will form 70% of a student's final marks on the course, with a further 30% contributed by coursework. The external exam will take place at the end of the two year course, whilst coursework will be completed during the second year. In addition to external examination and assessment, students will be regularly assessed throughout the two years of the course. Most of this assessment will be in the form of essays. Awarding WJEC (Formerly Welsh Joint Education Committee) Created 20170202 14:17:00 Updated 20170202 14:17:00

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Learning aims

Title: GCE AS Level in Film Studies Qualification: GCE AS Level in Film Studies Classification: Arts, Media and Publishing

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