Physics AS Level

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Physics AS Level Physics requires an enquiring mind and a desire to see how things work and to uncover the basic rules which govern the universe. You should be a person who never accepts blindly what you are told but always looks for the evidence which backs it up. What will I study The world we live in has been completely transformed by the scientific developments of the last 200 years. These developments have been built upon the work of scientists like Isaac Newton, James Clerk Maxwell and Albert Einstein who sought to discover and describe the physical laws that govern this amazing universe we live in. In GCSE Physics, you will have been introduced to some of these people and their discoveries, but A Level Physics gives you a closer look and a deeper understanding of the laws of the universe. Over the course of two years you will explore: the different properties of materials; why certain materials are used to make computers, buildings and replacement body parts the existence and behaviour of waves; how musical instruments produce their notes the wave-particle paradox how electricity is created; how early televisions were invented how atoms were discovered; what you get when you smash an atom into pieces how we have developed theories of the lives of stars and the size of the universe without ever leaving the Solar System Entry Requirements Students should hold a minimum of 5 A* - C GCSE grades including Grade B and above at GCSE Physics / Science. Progression Physics trains you to think logically, develop reasoned arguments and look for relevant information in a large amount of data. Some career choices are obvious: Physics, Engineering, Aeronautics and Architecture for example. However, the skills you will develop are also highly desirable for careers in law, finance and management.

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Title: GCE AS Level in Physics A Qualification: GCE AS Level in Physics A Classification: Science and Mathematics

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