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We follow the AQA - A Physics specification. This is a linear course with the main examination at the end of Year 13. (AS may be sat in some circumstances as a standalone qualification) The course has been written to develop your understanding of nature from the smallest possible scale, deep inside the atom, to the largest conceivable distance, stretching across the entire Universe. In Year 12 you will have opportunity to study particle physics, quantum physics and electricity. By studying these contrasting topics, you will gain awareness of the on-going development of new ideas in physics. You will also study the principles and applications of mechanics, materials and waves including optics in detail. During your course, you will carry out practical experiments and investigations to develop your skills and understanding of important concepts. In Year 13 you will learn more about forces and energy, circular motion and oscillations, electric, gravitational and magnetic fields, thermal physics and nuclear physics. You will study important applications and devices including capacitors, electric generators and transformers, and nuclear reactors. In studying an optional topic, from a choice of: Astrophysics, Medical Physics, Applied Physics or Turning points in Physics, you will build on relevant topics in the compulsory section of the A level specification to gain a deeper insight. You will gain further practical skills and greater expertise in analysing measurements and evaluating results. Physics can be linked to other subjects such as Mathematics, Economics, Chemistry, Biology and Geography.

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