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A geographical education is an education for life. A particularly wide range of transferable skills relevant to employment are developed through the learning of geography and its stimulating use of contemporary issues and real world examples. This 2 year linear A- level Geography course will encourage you to: ? Develop a global perspective and a sense of world interdependence. ? Develop an understanding of the interrelationship between people, place and the environment ? Develop a concern for the quality of the environment, and an understanding of the need to plan and manage for present and future generations ? Recognise the need for social justice, equality and respect for others; appreciate diversity, and combat bias, prejudice and stereotyping ? Appreciate the dynamic nature of geography; how places, environments and issues change and how people respond to these changes ? Enhance your employability skills for environmental and scientific careers through the use of web based Geographical Information Systems (G. I.S) Fieldwork is an integral part of the course which will allow you to see geographical concepts in action and to test geographical skills and theories. Local fieldwork is conducted during the course, as well as a two day field trip to Northern France in July of Year 12. An individual fieldwork investigation, based on data collected in France, will be completed as part of the course. In Year 13, you will have the option to go on the Iceland trip to further your understanding of tectonic processes.

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Dover Grammar School for Boys
Foundation School
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Astor Avenue Town: Dover

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