D&T Product Design

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This course is an AS / A2 modular course consisting of exams in Year 12 and Year 13. We follow the OCR Product Design specification AS (HO53) and A2 (H453). In Year 12 you will examine an existing product of your choice, analyse its strengths and weaknesses and then redesign an improved product based on your initial investigations. The second unit is a very exciting practical exam called the Innovation Challenge. You will be set a Design Problem, in which you will have to be as creative and experimental as possible in coming up with a working prototype of an innovative solution over the six hours allowed. You will spend time developing your modelling skills and learning strategies that will allow you to think and problem solve creatively. In Year 13 the sky, or more accurately your imagination, is the limit, as you will have the freedom to develop your own Design Brief and then create a high quality, commercially viable product. You will also formulate an innovative marketing strategy for your product. As you go through the year you will be further developing your design skills, as well as your knowledge and understanding of design issues and materials and processes, in order to prepare for the final written exam, which is a combination of designing and theory. This is an exciting course which will give you a whole range of creative, analytical and practical skills that are much sought after by employers and universities in all fields, whether or not you pursue this rewarding career path.

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Dover Grammar School for Boys
Foundation School
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Astor Avenue Town: Dover

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Title: GCE A Level in Design and Technology Qualification: GCE A Level in Design and Technology Classification: Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies

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