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The OCR A Level in Media Studies introduces learners to the role and influence of the media. There will be both a historical and contemporary aspect to the specification. The role and impact of the media on society, culture, politics and the economy in both domestic and global spheres will be considered. No prior knowledge of Media Studies is required, but a student will require proficient literacy and communication skills to succeed. As a Media Studies student, learners will develop their understanding through the consistent application of the four elements of the theoretical framework: • Media Language (how the media through their forms, codes, conventions and techniques communicate meanings • Media Representations: how the media portray events, issues, individuals and social groups • Media Industries: how the media industries’ processes of production, distribution, and circulation affect media forms and platforms • Media Audiences: how media forms target, reach, and address audiences, how audiences interpret and respond to them and how members of audiences become producers themselves Throughout the course learners will study nine different media forms. These are: • Television, • Film • radio, • newspapers, • magazines, • advertising & marketing • Online, social and participatory media • Video games • Music videos Three of these (television; newspapers; and online, social, and participatory media) will be studied in depth.

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Title: GCE AS Level in Media Studies Qualification: GCE AS Level in Media Studies Classification: Arts, Media and Publishing

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