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The A level specification builds on the knowledge, understanding and skills gained at GCSE. It constitutes an integrated study with a focus on language, culture and society. It fosters a range of transferable skills including communication, critical thinking, research and creativity, which are valuable to the individual and society. The content is suitable for students who wish to progress to employment or to further study, including a modern languages degree. The focus is on how German/Spanish speaking society has been shaped socially and culturally and how it continues to change. In the first year aspects of the social; context are studied, together with aspects of the artistic life of German/Spanish speaking countries. In the second year further aspects of the social background are covered, this time focusing on matters associated with multi-culturalism. Students also study aspects of the political landscape including the future of political life in the German/Spanish speaking world by focusing on young people and their political engagement. Films and literary texts in the foreign language will be studied and examined in both years of the course. Authentic materials such as magazine and newspaper articles and interactive websites are used to supplement course texts, with a wide range of available audio-visual materials. Students study a foreign language at A level are encouraged to spend time in a country where the language is spoken (e.g. by participating in an exchange visit), and to participate in organized activities such as MFL conferences.

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Dixons City Academy
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Ripley Street Town: Bradford

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