Applied Sciences

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Contact provider for more information as this may not be up to date course information Why take this subject? The Edexcel BTEC Applied Science course will allow you to study how science is applied in many different types of professions and industries. The focus of the course is scientific usage, concentrating on how scientists and others use science in their work. During the course you will be given the opportunity to visit scientific workplaces and meet people who use science on a daily basis. You will also learn how science contributes to our lifestyle and the environment in which we live. The course is designed to allow you to spend a considerable amount of your time in the laboratory, working on the kind of practical projects that may be undertaken by employees working in science-based industries. Key aspects of the course include: ? following a programme of learning which is practically-based and which improves your practical skills; ? following a balanced science programme covering biology, chemistry and physics; ? visiting scientific workplaces; ? working independently on a number of projects; ? learning about the work of different types of people using science and the scientific skills that they use; ? developing ideas about employment opportunities in science; ? preparing you for courses in higher and further education; ? developing skills to track your progress and achievement throughout the course by a programme of continuous assessment.

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