AS Level Physics

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AS Level Physics - Physics (from the Greek, φυσικός (phusikos), "natural", and φύσις (phusis) "nature", is the science of nature in the broadest sense. Also known as natural philosophy, Physics involves the study of matter and energy, ranging from sub-atomic particles through to the universe as a whole. Why study Physics at A-Level? If you are interested in understanding how things work and why they are as they are, if you have ever wondered why the sky is blue, how the universe is evolving, what are the fundamental forces and particles of nature, making up all things, then Physics is for you. Within Physics you will learn to apply your knowledge and understanding of the world around you to a whole variety of situations, extending your capacity to problem solve and to think in a logical manner as you do so. These skills can then be applied to other subjects as well as to life in general.

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