AS Level Art/Textiles/Photography

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AS Level Art/Textiles/Photography - - The course will enable you to get hands on experience in a range of materials and disciplines. You will develop your drawing, painting and making skills through a series of exciting art and design workshops, and you will be introduced to a range of specialist areas such as print-making, photography and 3D work. Drawing is a core activity: this will help you improve your overall standard regardless of your ability. You will also be given the opportunity to visit exhibitions and museums. You can select to study Fine Art or Art, Craft and Design. Textiles is a fantastic way to express your creativity. It offers you the opportunity to explore fashion, colour and texture through workshops such as printing, embroidery and construction. You will also be given the opportunity to visit exhibitions and museums. All we ask is that you have enthusiasm and commitment to this subject. Photography is a creative subject that stretches the imagination and allows you to look at yourself and your environment in a new way. It is challenging in both a practical and contextual sense. It will provide you with a creative base from which you can develop skills which build on your own strengths and interests.

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Name: AS Level Art/Textiles/Photography Qualification title: GCE AS Level in Art and Design Qualification type: GCE A/AS Level or equivalent Assessment Awarding Assessment & Qualifications Alliance Created 20151021 12:50:08 Updated 20160909 10:10:35

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