World Development (GCEAS)

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World Development AS: 90% of the world’s population has never made a telephone call. Every day 30,000 children die throughout the world from illnesses that could be cured. 40% of the world has no access to electricity. With the "Make Poverty History" campaign, the Africa Commission and the G8 Summit in Gleneagles, interest in international development has increased dramatically in recent years. International aid is now the largest charitable cause in Britain and development is a global hot topic. However, behind the headlines lie complex issues. This exciting course allows students to explore in depth the challenges facing developing and developed countries in the fight against global poverty, as well as to understand the promise and problems of proposed approaches to poverty reduction. The course comprises four assessed units. Two are taken in Year 12 for the AS component and two in Year 13 for the A2 component. The compulsory aspects of the course explore whether the earth can sustain further development and increasing use of its resources, the range of approaches applied to sustainable development, the causes of poverty and strategies used to tackle inequality, international initiatives which raise global awareness of development issues and how development can be understood from economic, political, social and environmental perspectives. Optional aspects of the course explore topics as diverse as trade, aid and inequalities in economic development, the effects of international debt and globalisation, the effects of world governance structures upon rates of development, the relationship between population growth, resource use and development, the roles that women, healthcare and education and the effects of cultural and religious diversity on the development process. The two AS units are: Introduction to World Development Issues (exam unit) and Portfolio Analysis of World Development Issues (coursework).

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